CRITERIA: With one wall only ten feet long, traditional form and function became one tightly knit package. Also, no changes were allowed to the rest of the room and hard surfaces were minimized, hence the butcher block counter. Finally, a highly figured maple plank had been taking up space in the attic for decades.

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Because of ventilation issues, the area above the fridge was left open. A shelf made of plywood and asluminum angle stock is easily removed. A deep drawer of seldom used items slides completely out from the rear wall for easier access.

Access to the upstairs bathroom plumbing is facilitated with removeable upper ccabinets,k fan unit, and ceiling. The plumbing chase in the corner is covered with stainless steel and blends the natural materials with the appliances.

Fitting a sink and the three major appliances into ten feet is no small feat, and no effort was made to blend the design with the rest of the room. A twenty-four inch European stove and small Fisher & Paykel dishwasher go a long way in making this task possible. Otherwise, the full-size stainless steel refrigerator would not have been an option.

Note that the are around the sink is not crowded with generously-sized upper cabinets. Instead an open feeling is maintained around the sink and window despite the small cooking and cleanup area.

This shallow corner cabinet serves as a spice cabinet.

The wavy maple continues into the main, top cabinet with an accent of lighter, straight maple through the center.
The last of the wavy maple continues into the bottom cabinet which opens in two sections
This Balley Block maple countertop was cut to fit the unusual space and deep, undermount sink.

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