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This propane tank cover creates safe storage and easy access to a propane tank as used on decks and patios.

Propane tanks should never be stored inside a house, garage, shed or other confined area!

Large barbeque grills store their own tanks, but often owners have an extra tank for when the first tank runs out. Small table top grills are set up to hold a camping size gas cylinder but many owners hook them up with an extended hose to a regular patio propane tank.

Both covers shown here are constructed of 1x4 fir decking. The top of the tank has open spaces between the boards for venting. Height, materials, and finish can vary for personal taste or to match existing materials.

Note that the cover is the right height for many uses on your patio such as setting drinks or snacks on, putting potted plants on, or even sitting on.

The construction method used in this piece of furniture can be extended to other patio structures and furniture. Just ask us what you need, and you will have a matching set!

The tank fits snugly inside the five-sided wooden enclosure.

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