T&D Hall Associates
Design and Detailing

What We Do

What we do is almost completely dependent upon what the client needs, although what is most important is that we do it well no matter how big or small the project is. In fact, in a time where many of the woodworking businesses have invested in big machines and will only take projects of a certain size, we are specializing in "small projects".

We start with a broad skill set including design of renovations, remodels, and furniture, and the supporting proficiencies in carpentry, woodworking, tiling, and light plumbing and electrical. The design capabilities encompass details like lighting, acoustics, and the use of CAD software as needed for complex projects or to aid creative project visualization.

First we determine the client's needs. This is a very critical part of any project, and it involves a face-to-face meeting with the client in the space to be developed. Then we assess whether or not we are a good match for the project. If we think the client's needs would be better met by working with a different contractor we tell them so.

If it is a match, we visit the site again and put a proposal together with a cost and time estimate. Larger projects typically are broken up into phases with more accurate estimates for early phases because usually later phases have unanswered questions.

Beyond this point operation is dependent on project and client as different clients are comfortable with different ways of operating. We are willing to be flexible and creative when working with individuals and their unique situations.

Please browse our projects section to see what sort of work we have completed. Don't consider what you see to be a limitation of our style know-how. It is what we have pictures of and have been asked to do.

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