CRITERIA: Storage that blends in with it's surroundings.

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The four door corner cupboard right conceals a television and stereo system. The construction method and design reproduce the existing detail in the very original 1810 Federal period home. None of the existing woodwork was harmed during the installation. Four Door Cupboard
Full View of Corner Cabinets Cabinets Opened

The corner behind this post was useless until this custom cabinet was designed for it. It is wired to add ambient room lighting and a convenient place for cable television. There are adjustable shelves and file drawers, but the real secret is the large space hidden behind it.

Closet Maid adjustable wire shelving is installed in the pull-out closet so that every inch of this formerly useless space can be used.

Hidden Pull-out Closet

Breakfast Cupboard The breakfast cupboard on the left is for storage of seldom used china and glassware. It is built into a small space behind the front door of a 1760's Georgian home.
The shallow kitchen cupboard right is perfectly adaptable to food storage and is conveniently located to the working counters. Kitchen Cupboard
Corner Cupboard The unpainted corner cupboard on the left has Georgian style and Christian doors with a candle sliding-shelf between them. Proportionately, it is a reproduction of a local cupboard built in the 1770's and has a design feature of square top panels in the doors. It's storage use has varied through the years.

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