CRITERIA: Expand useful livingspace without expensive additions.

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This typical six room Cape with one full bathroom down and two finished rooms up was built with a breezeway connecting to a garage. The breezeway had been expanded roughly into a porch and then a room with poor flow and eventually leakage problems. With it's original door locations, the room was useless for anything but a passageway.
The room was torn down and reconstructed with new door locations, large casement windows, and a cathedral ceiling to give it as much open feeling as possible.

Squaring off the high traffic area between the main entrance and the kitchen with tiles helps preserve the finish of the hardwood flooring while visually separating the two functions of the room. The plaster arched doorway and the wood ceiling help to soften the feel of the dining room.

The same Cape had an unfinished basement with an occassional water problem. An interior French drain/double sump system was installed, and 2/3 of the basement was finished. Because an electrical outage during very heavy rain could still result in basement flooding, ceramic tile was installed on the floor. The ceiling was covered in large lattice panels to create a feeling of greater height above the panels. Part of the project involved wiring the house for cable, telephone, surround sound, and Ethernet. The column behind the entertainment center has plug connections for the various electronics.

The traffic area and the living space are separated by a mosaic strip of broken tile.

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