Kitchens are want to be highly specialized and stylized to the cook or cooks who use them, yet they are so often constrained by the location, space, and utilites available to them. While kitchens could be an area that is merely practical in appearance and function, they have become the center and heart of the home.

This large kitchen, in maple, featured full-custom cabinets, yet it utilized cost-saving materials in many places.
A small, kitchen in a historic home need expansion. This butcher block expansion improved the workspace without altering the character of the kitchen.
This small space contains a fully featured kitchen.
When additional work space is needed but a major change to the kitchen is undesirable.

This counter-high, maple working table has a handy open storage area under the bread board top. Deep and sturdy drawers are made of birds-eye maple. The design allows for use as a island.

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