CRITERIA: Designing and building features that bring the house, yared, walks, and plantings together.

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The addition of the two small sections of fencing and the arch of the breezeway's ceiling trim frame the entrance to the rear patio area of this beautiful landscaped property.

This antique oil lamp's post becomes the center point for the arc of the brick sidewalk.

Trellis above in winter without foliage. Below is the same trellis in summer.

Copper clad well cover.

Properly designed and placed structures are beautiful in summer and winter.

Often, proportions are critical, but can't be evaluated until in the actual setting. The base at the right is available for immediate sale.

For more lamp posts.

A climbing hydrangea is supported by a trellis made of strips of fir. It fills in a blanks wall below a window.

This trellis visually separates the busy side street from a bluestone paved sitting area. The mixure of shapes, directions, and width of the latticework can help blend the hard surfaces together.

Storage of firewood and trash cans are completely hidden behind this very attractive screen with a top evokes a pergola in the woods. This piece of fencing was built and stained once nearly 10 years ago.

This attractive cover for a grill propane tank can be used as a seat or an end table. This item is available for immediate sale in custom stained colors. For more information.

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