CRITERIA: Shelving should fit your present needs and when possible be adjustable to fit alternative and future needs.

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The breakfront style built-in shelves below are wired for electricity and speakers. The top shelves are adjustable and fit small personal items while the bottom shelves have fixed book sized shelves.

This very large set of modular furniture is half of a set of set made of cherry for a client. This is the set that contains a desk in the center. The other half is identical except that there is a shorter credenza on which a large high-definition television can be placed.

These shelves are built into a corner behind a door. Being in the corner makes the simple shelves extremely strong. A light has been installed above the top shelf for display.

This traditional design includes beading along the edges of the face frames, raised panel doors, and iron hinges.

This set of display shelves features solid tiger maple. To fully show the models inside, there is a mirror behind every shelf and a set of lights above it.
These sturdy bookshelves were built to match other custom shelves installed when this new home was first built.
Another set of the same style of shelves was built on a ramp. The detail below shows the recessed panel sides.

A pair of these CD shelves were made to order. They replaced a very inexpensive laminate unit in a design that the client liked a lot. The gloss finish shows the depth of the wavy maple. This design could be replicated in nearly any hardwood desired.
The floor standing shelving above was built to hold a record collection. It is made of 1x4 fir decking material a structural designed to hold a lot of weight. The layout and materials could changed for other uses.
The built-in closet section below has plywood walls and shelves that have a smooth finish which resisits catching fabrics. There are parallel rows of holes along the outside walls to adjust the shelves.

Storage in older homes is usually at a premium. This small area between a staircase and a chimney shown left and below is fitted with clothing storage.

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