CRITERIA: Utilize ceramic and stone tile for it's beauty and durability.

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Ceramic tile entranceway surrounded by solid oak flooring. Tile installed over cementious backerboard over plywood subflooring.

Glazed ceramic tile on a kitchen floor. Tile installed over plywood underlayment over 1-inch thick pine subflooring.

This basement floor was tiled with inexpensive ceramic floor tile with hand-broken tile mosaic strips defining the living areas and traffic area. It was installed directly onto the concrete slab.

The coffee nook at left had been a electric grill in a chimney before a roof collapse. The grill was replaced by a platform on which slate tiles were installed. The platform is plywood.
This kitchen wall used a matte finished tile to soften and spread the task lighting. The tile was installed over hardwood plywood which was needed as a stable mounting surface for the cabinets, countertop, etc. in this post and beam antique home.

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